Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Civil Court Screening Panels Report

FLASH---24 May 2010

Candidates for Manhattan Civil Court judgeships were reported this evening by the New York County Democratic Party screening panel and the local screening panel for the East Side's 9th Civil Court District.

Anthony Cannataro (law clerk to J.S.C. Lottie Wilkins), Sabrina Bebe Kraus (a Brooklyn Housing Court Judge, and formerly with Borah, Goldstein, . . . and Kucker & Bruh), and Gerald Lebovits (a noted Manhattan Housing Court Judge) were found most highly qualified of the applicants to the local Ninth District (vacancy #9) screening panel according to Lex. Club District Leader Lawrence Rosenstock.

The "County's" screening panel [for two Countywide "open" seats and for two "open" seats in the First and Fifth Civil Court Districts (vacancies #4, 5, 7, & 8, respectively)] found the following twelve, in alphabetical order, the "most highly qualified" of the twenty-four applicants said Judiciary Committee Chair Curtis Arluck.

The aforementioned Anthony Cannataro, David Benjamin Cohen (a Manhattan Housing Court Judge), Melissa Anne Crane (law clerk to App. Div. 1st Dept. Justice Karla Moskowitz), Erika McDaniel Edwards (a p.i. accident, criminal defense, and estates litigator with Donaldson, Chilliest & McDaniel), Carol Ruth Feinman (an Administrative Law Judge with the N.Y. State Office of Temporary & Disability Assistance), Paul Allan Goetz (a N.Y.C. Asst. Corp. Counsel for commercial and real estate litigation).

Also Michael Katz (law clerk to J.S.C. B. Ruth Kapnick), Sabrina Bebe Kraus, Gerald Lebovits, Kelly Ann O'Neill Levy (law clerk to App. Term 1st Jud. Dist. Justice Sherry Klein Heitler), Leticia Maria Ramirez (law clerk to Civ. Ct. Judge Jose Padilla, Jr.), and Jeanette Rodriguez-Morick (a business, anti-trust, white-collar crime lawyer with Thompson Hine, and a former Bronx A.D.A.).

In addition, two incumbent Civil Court Judges standing un-opposed for re-election, Matthew Frederic Cooper (vacancy #3, a County-wide seat) and Joan Mary Kenney (vacancy #6, First Civil Court District), were approved as "meriting continuation in office."


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