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The Flacks Report [14 May 2010]

Charlie King---"Family & Friends"---City Hall "Free" Breakfast Fora---Condolences---9th Dist. Screening Panel---Elena Kagan

Charlie King

Charlie King tells this reporter, that, yes, he'll be working on the Cuomo for Gov. campaign [The Flacks Report, 25 Apr. '10]; however, if Cuomo moves into the Statehouse, he (Charlie) will not be joining his administration. "I like my independence."

"Family & Friends"

A.D.A. Daniel Cort, prosecutor of Nora Anderson, and Julia Cort, law clerk to Joan Madden. Robert Tembeckjian, administrator of the N.Y.State Commission on Judicial Conduct, and Barbara Ross, investigative reporter for the New York Daily News. John Werner, Chief Clerk, N.Y. County Supreme Court Civil branch, and Laura Werner, asst. N. Y. State Atty. Gen. in the Charities Bureau. Bernard Fried, Supreme Court Justice (Commercial Div.), and Nina Gershon, U.S. Dist. Ct. Judge, E.D.N.Y. Former N.Y.S. Court of Claims judge Joan Carey and Special Referee (Nassau County) husband Thomas Dana. Former Appellate Division (2nd Dept.) Justice Stephen Crane and daughter Melissa Crane, law clerk to Assoc. Justice, Appellate Division (1st Dept.) Karla Moskowitz. First Dept. Appellate Division Justice Dianne Renwick and husband Bronx D.A. Robert Johnson. Supreme Court Justices LeLand DeGrasse and Carole Huff. State Supreme Court Justice Carol Robinson Edmead and sister Cheryl Gonzales, Kings County Housing Court Judge.

City Hall "Free" Breakfast Fora

City Hall newspaper has, over the years, held interesting and informative breakfast fora without charge. This year the newspaper has abandoned its "freebie," now charging $65 a person. Can "coffee-and" be that expensive? Are the speakers receiving an honorarium?


Condolences to Lisa Ann Sokoloff on the death of her mother. Speedy recovery to Judy Lauren Richheimer of C.'R.'D.C. and condolences to the family and friends of the late Harry Weider of 504 Dems, both hit by cars whilst crossing the streets of New York.

Ninth Civil Court District Democratic Party Screening Panel

Here are the panelists serving on the local 9th Civil Court Dist. screening panel. The Ninth District boundaries, f.y.i., are 7th Ave. to Lex. Ave from E. 14th Str. to E. 96th Str. (It also includes all of Central Park.)

Howard Suh, Esq.
Kaye Scholer
(Designated by: Asian American Bar Association)

Matthew Galluzzo, Esq.
Galluzzo & Johnson
(Designated by: Columbian Lawyers Association)

Jeffrey Brooks, Esq.
(Designated by: Gay Men’s Health Crisis)

Alan L. Newton
(Designated by: NAACP Mid-Manhattan Branch)

Roberta Ashkin, Esq.Ashkin Law
(Designated by: New York State Trial Lawyers Association)

Mark Yagerman, Esq.
Smith Mazure Director Wilkins Young & Yagerman PC
(Designated by: Benjamin N. Cardozo School of Law)

Ken Jockers
(Designated by: Hudson Guild)

Lucienne Bloch
(Designated by: Civitas Citizen, Inc.)

Panel Administrator:
Andrew Timothy Houghton, Esq.
Sedgwick, Detert, Moran, & Arnold
Tel.: (212) 898+40.36

Elena Kagan

What you may not know about Elena Kagan is that when she lived at 320 West End Avenue, current and former tenants were Ted Weiss, Jerry Goldfeder, Al Handell, Ann O'Shea, Jerry Koenig, and Mary Geissman, P.R.I.D. members who probably "worked her over" (along with her parents) to shape her liberal views. [Wouldn't that group (Weiss, Goldfeder, Handell, O'Shea, Koening, Geissman, and Elena, Bob, & Gloria Kagan) make a great Supreme Court!] And Felix Frankfurter once lived across the street at 325 W.E.A.


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