Sunday, April 25, 2010

Brief Notes

Handell Rides Again---Mazel Tov to Scottie---Acting Supremes---Civil Court Screening Panel---New State Committee Director---Ronnie Wattman---Denny Chin---Green Book---The Field for A.G.
Handell Rides Again
Printer extraordinaire Al Handell's shop's name has changed again, and will shortly have a new Manhattan pied-a-terre. We'll let you know when the move is finalized.

Mazel Tov to Scottie
Readers have asked Who is our Beep's fiancee, so that we provide you with a link here:

Acting Supremes
N.Y. County Civil Court Judges Anil Singh and Peter Moulton have been appointed as Acting Supreme Court Justices. Their case load, called "hybrid," consists of their Civil Court work and, when needed, Supreme Court work.

Civil Court Screening Panel
The Manhattan Democratic Party's Civil Court Screening Panel is now interviewing and plans to report twelve of the twenty-four lawyer applicants as the "most highly qualified" under the County rules for the two County-wide and the two District vacancies [1st & 5th Dists.] in the last week of May, which may be too late for some clubs to make an endorsement unless they schedule an extra meeting later.

New State Committee Director
Charlie King fills the two-year hiatus at the New York State Democratic Committee of executive director. Rumor has it he'll run the Cuomo gubernatorial campaign, and when Son of Mario takes office, Charlie will move into a job in the new administration.

Ronnie Wattman
Deceased, former Community Schoolboard Member Ronnie Wattman.

Denny Chin
Confirmed to the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, Denny Chin.

Green Book
The 2010 little "Green Book" scheduled publication date is July, 2010 (maybe).

The Field for A.G.
A cluttered field of excellent candidates is running for N.Y.S. Attorney General (in no particular order): Liz Holtzman, Sean Coffey, Eric Schneiderman, Richard Brodsky, Eric Dinallo, and Kathleen Rice.


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