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The Flacks Report [25 March 2010]

Jumping the Queue at St. Paddy's Day Breakfast---Possible U.S.D.C. Appointments---Board of Elections Finally Decides---Beep to Marry
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Jumping the Queue at St. Paddy's Day Breakfast

At this year's McManus/Maloney St. Patrick's day breakfast at the Mid-town T.G.I.F., there was quite a queue waiting to get in. Along comes Public Advocate Bill diDublin who went right in, as did other public officials when they arrived. Exhorted by one party-goer in queue to wait his turn, he declined citing the privilege afforded electeds. Norman Siegel wouldn't have done that (and in the past, he hasn't at various venues, waiting with hoi polloi).

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Possible U.S.D.C. Appointments

Among the Chinese-American judges being considered for appointment to the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York to replace Denny Chin, who is now awaiting confirmation to the U.S. 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals, are Jeffrey Oing and Doris Ling-Cohan.

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Board of Elections Finally Decides

The N.Y.C. Board of Elections finally decided to award contracts for privacy booths and supply cabinets to go with the new electronic voting machines. Naztec, which was initially chosen, got the contract for about 17,000 privacy booths after it cut back the price to $205 each. And E.S.S. was awarded the contract for approximately 6,500 supply cabinets at $475 each. Both contracts are worth over three million dollars each.

In other Board news, the commissioners still have to fill the vacant Executive Director's post. Bronx Republican Commissioner Juan Carlos ("J.C.") Polanco wants to set up a search committee for the job. Manhattan Democratic Commissioner Greg Soumas said that they shouldn't set the requirements too high(!). Polanco is an open-government type, which is unusual at the Board of Elections especially for a Bronx Republican.

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Beep to Marry

Engaged, Scott Stringer, to Elyse Buxbaum, director of corporate and government relations at The Jewish Museum.


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