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The Flacks Report [27 Oct. 08]

69th A.D. State Committee Race

The certified N.Y.C. Board of Elections tally for the 69th Assembly District's Democratic State Committee race is: With 5,665 total votes cast, Laurence Hirsch 2,871 to Robert Ginsberg 2,794.

Farrell's Last Term

At the New York County Democratic Executive Committee meeting 25 September 2008, Assemblyman Herman Denny Farrell announced that he was not going to seek re-election as County Leader when his term expires.

Mayor Appoints Interim Judges

Mayor Bloomberg appointed the following to fill interim vacancies in the N.Y.C. Civil Court. To fill Shirley Werner Kornreich's Manhattan County-wide seat, Kevin B. McGrath, Jr. (assigned to Criminal Court). [The seat Nancy M. Bannon is running for in the General.]
Lenora Gerald (assigned to Criminal Court) to fill Ellen Spodak's seat, who had an interim gubernatorial appointment to Kings Supreme and is now nominated for that seat in the General. Alan M. Beckoff (assigned to Family Court) to fill Jeanette Ruiz's seat (she took Stephen Paynter's place when he was elected to Bronx Supreme). No-one was appointed to fill Paul Feinman's place, the seat Frank Nervo is running for in the General.
Also, Barry Kamins, top Court Street criminal defense attorney, was appointed to the Criminal Court.

Challenges to Judicial Convention Designations at City Board of Elections

Two years ago the State legislature divided the 2nd Judicial District (Kings & Richmond Counties) into two separate districts. Kings County continues to be the 2nd Judicial District and a new Staten Island (Richmond County) judicial district was created, the 13th. This is to take effect in 2009.
The Republicans, hoping to improve their chances of winning a judgeship, mounted a challenge to this year's Supreme Court designations by the Conservative, Democratic, and Working Families parties. The attempt to invalidate their choices for Justice of the State Supreme Court in Richmond was based upon legal technicalities such as the judicial convention delegates selected for the 13th district were on the petition saying the 2nd district. But of course there is no 13th district in existence yet. And in September, a court ruled that all was done in accordance with the new law.
Many of the other arguments are technical and legal. In October the N.Y.C. Commissioners of Elections declined to invalidate the petitions or convention choices. The matter was then left to the courts again.
But the objection to the Working Families Party's judicial convention was that they had two conventions: one held too early (under the Election law)--and also did they have a quorum--, and the second one, held during the proper time period, was invalid.
The most recent controlling case law is from 1940 where a court held that a judicial convention meeting within the legal time frame could not re-convene to change the candidate designation. But here, the WFP's first convention was a legal nullity. After all this, no court proceeding was perfected.


How Council Members Voted on Term Limits Extension

To see how your City Council Member voted on the Term Limits Extension bill, go to:

New Yorkers to Penna.?

It is amusing to contemplate that we Manhattan-ites are sending troops to Pennsylvania to get-out-the-vote for the Democrats because Manhattan (along with Kings county and The Bronx) is still subject to the Federal Voting Rights Act [fewer than 50% of the voting age population voted, however unfairly based, in a long-ago Presidential election] and any change made by the N.Y.C. Board of Elections (such as poll site locations) must be submitted in advance to D.O.J. for "pre-clearance" approval!

Voter Registrations Top Four Years Ago

New voter registrations in New York City during October, 2008, exceded by 70,000 those recorded four years ago during the same period according to Marcus Cederqvist, N.Y.C. Board of Elections Executive Director. October, 2008, saw a total of 211,866 new registrations compared to 141,147 in October, 2004. Additionally, there were 195,136 new registrations filed prior to October during this year.
"Ne dites pas 'Après moi, le déluge!';
mais 'pendant mon regne, le déluge financier est déjà arrivé.'" ---Geo. W. Bush


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