Friday, October 17, 2008

A Republican Comments on Term Limits

"This whole idea of this 'one time' extension for term limits is bull. Suppose 20 years from now we have another crisis and that Mayor says he/she wants one more term. Will they extend the term limits law again for that person?

"Ronald Lauder is a FAILED Conservative Party politician who couldn't compete against Giuliani. On many issues, they probably don't even agree, yet Bloomberg has use for him because he can use his money to help Mike.

"Am I the ONLY one in this City to see what a devious politician basically Bloomberg is. He is NOT an independent in the slightest, either. If my Republican Party offers him their line in 2009, he will take it in a minute. If working AGAIN with Fulani and the phony INDEPENDENCE Party will help him, he will do it. If knocking a Tom Ognibene off the ballot as he did in 2005 helps him, he will use his money and power and connections to do it."

---Evan Edwards, Republican Party District leader, 69th A.D., 1987 to 2004.


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