Thursday, September 25, 2008

Judicial Convention Addendum

I'd appreciate it if you could please circulate this correction to the story from Judicial Reports that you sent out -- /s/Jerry Skurnik, Prime New York, (212) 587-8080.
[Jerry Skurnik is an adviser to the Gische campaign.]


"Judge Judith Gische did not raise any money to run for Supreme Court this year, but completely self funded the election.

"According to Campaign finance rules, every year that a judge runs for judicial office is considered a separate election, so that any funds raised in one year cannot be used in any other year but the one they are raised for.

"In 2003, Judge Gische ran for re-election to Civil Court and Supreme Court. A campaign committee was formed and raised funds. The monies judicial reports is referring to go back to that time. The campaign treasurer disbursed monies for 2003 campaign expenses only and the surplus monies raised were returned pro rata to the contributors. He then closed out that campaign with a zero balance and filed the necessary closing documents.

"In every year after 2003 that she have run for Supreme Court, Judge Gische have paid all expenses from personal funds. The expenses made have been reported in accordance with the law."


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