Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Adriano vs. Charlie / Charlie vs. Adriano

[2 July 2012]

Today, Adriano Espaillat's lawsuit against the Board of Elections et al. over the Congressional race for Charlie Rangel's seat was not heard by Judge Donna Mills. After changing lawyers--and grounds for relief--Espaillat withdrew his lawsuit and shall refile mañana. Originally, his complaint had to do with the N.Y.C. Board of Elections not allowing proper observing of the counting of ballots and other matters. When he refiles, there will be complaints of irregularities and a possible new election request. It's a mish-mash of caselaw coleslaw. You can get the details and the news you'll want to know from the dailies or from the on-line blogs (see esp. Celeste Katz's of the N.Y. Daily News).

Hundreds of people showed up to watch the case at bar; a larger court room was needed. It lasted about a "minute" with the voluntary withdrawal of the Espaillat proceeding. "The usual suspects" were there--pols and lawyers, the men wearing suits in this weather. [In the Florida courts and also the Ninth Circuit C. of A. auxiliary courthouse in sweltering "South Pas" L.A., the judges have been known to remove their robes and invite the gentlemen to remove their jackets.]

A gazillion press reporters and cameramen and women were there, too. Your correspondent spoke with a good number of them, and ascertained that not one seemed to know anything about election law. Par for the course.

P.s. At Tuesday, 3rd July's Bd. of Elections commissioners' meeting, press and television crews showed up. Again, with the exception of the Daily News guy, the reporters appeared to be ignorant of the Election Law procedures. In fact, the number of election districts which had no report on Primary day was proportionate to those "zero" E.D.s in the Rangel Congressional Primary two years ago. Well, anyway, a lot of overtime for the Board's underpaid employees.


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