Thursday, June 7, 2012

Nadler to Speak on Reform Dem. Movement -- A Must Go!

Across America, the Upper West Side is synonymous
with outspokenly-progressive politics.
How did that happen?

The Park West Neighborhood History Group Presents:

Congressman Jerry Nadler
Explains 60 Years
of Upper West Side Political Clubs

Monday, 11th June, 2012, at 8 o'clock p.m.

at Hostelling International
Amsterdam Avenue at West 103rd Street

Famously known as one of the original "West Side Kids," Congressmaven Nadler is a walking, talking treasure trove of history and minutia of West Side power, politics and political clubs. Travel back with him: remember the movements, the battles won and lost, the rich panoply of local characters – Bill Ryan, Ted Weiss, Bella Abzug, Franz Leichter, Robert Lekachman, Ed Sullivan, Dick Gottfried, Simon Barsky, Leon Bogues, Carl McCall, Bob Woolis, Ronnie Eldridge, Bob Ginsberg, Leonard Cohen, Victor Kovner, Sheldon Levy, Stephanie Digby, Chuck Tice, Dick Morris and others – who built the fabled "Upper Left Side." Hear how the Riverside Democrats, Committee for Democratic Voters (C.D.V.), West Side Independent Democrats, F.D.R.-Woodrow Wilson Dems, Broadway Democrats, Community Free Democrats and Three Parks Independent Democrats began and evolved.

Sponsored by:
Park West Neighborhood History Group
Columbus-Amsterdam B. I. D.
Hostelling International NY

All Welcome -- Free Event


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