Monday, January 19, 2009

The Flacks Report [21 January 2009]

Jeff Siegel to D.C.---Marilyn Kahn---New Chief Judge Appointed---Additional Civil Court Vacancy---Term Limits Lawsuit Dismissed---Stackhouse to Leave Early

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Jeff Siegel to D.C.

Jeff Siegel, Ansonia Dems prez and CB7(M) member, has become legislative counsel to Rep. Michael McMahon (D.-S.I.), who replaced Vino Fossella.

Marylin Kahn

Condolences to Gerry Kahn former Ansonia D.L., whose wife Marilyn recently died.

New Chief Judge Appointed

Justice Jonathan Lippman's--Judith Kaye's protege-- appointment by the guv as New York's Chief Judge (was anyone surprised?) now leaves two vacancies in the App. Div.'s First Dept.: A new P.J. to replace Lippman and the vacancy created by Milt Williams's retirement. If the new Presiding Justice post is filled from among those on the A.D. bench, then there would still be two vacancies.

Additional Civil Court Vacancy

Manhattan Acting Supreme Tolub won't seek re-election to Civil Court this year (if re-elected he would serve just one more year). His term expires at year's end providing another Civil Court vacancy in the 9th C.C. Dist., primarily the Lex Club's bailiwick.

Term Limits Lawsuit Dismissed

Federal Judge Charles Sifton (E.D.N.Y.) dismissed the challenge to the N.Y.C. Council's extending term limits, ruling that there was no justiciable Federal Constitutional issue.

Stackhouse to Leave Early

State Supreme Court Justice John E.H. Stackhouse, who leaves the bench this year because of reaching the mandatory retirement age, will retire early, sometime in April or shortly thereafter, to pursue other interests such as art and writing.


Thursday, January 1, 2009

THE FLACKS REPORT [1 January 2009]

Surrogate Suspended

New York State Court of Appeals
Albany, New York

Case #226 Decided December 29, 2008

In the Matter of the consideration of the suspension of the Hon. Nora S. Anderson, from the office of Surrogate, New York County, pursuant to New York state Constitution, Article 6, section 22 and Judiciary Law section 44, subd. 8.

On the Court's own motion, it is determined that the Honorable Nora S. Anderson is suspended, with pay, from the office of Surrogate, New York County, effective January 1, 2009, pursuant to NY Constitution, article VI, sect. 22 and Judiciary Law sect. 44(8).

Judges Ciparick, Graffeo, Read, Smith, Pigott and Jones concur. Chief Judge Kaye took no part.

Nora Anderson is suspended, with pay, from the Surrogate, N.Y. County, position until the pending charges against her are resolved, one way or another. A judge will be appointed in January, 2009, by the Office of Court Administration to fill the job temporarily--probably a judge with some knowledge and experience in that field and a sitting Supreme Court Justice who doesn't have an interest in the job, long term, if Anderson were convicted of the charges (on campaign finance brought against her by the D.A.), and removed. If she is acquitted, that, as Kipling would say, is another story. . . . At present, a likely scenario.

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Funeral Notice

Arthur Arluck, father of Party District Leader Curtis Arluck, died on 31st December, 2008, his 90th birthday anniversary. Funeral this Sunday, 4th January 2009, at 1 o'clock p.m. at the Plaza Memorial Chapel, Amsterdam Ave. at W. 91st Str., Manh. (Shiva information will be announced at the funeral.)