Sunday, September 16, 2012

Post-Primary Report

A number of readers have inquired about a few Manhattan September 13th Primary election results. We did not report any results because we expected the newspapers to do so, but they didn’t. [Remember when the New York Post reported results by A.D.?] Only the New York Daily News’s political columnist Celeste “Pebbles” Katz provided preliminary totals.

Your correspondent was at the N.Y.C. Board of Elections H.Q. after mid-night Thursday looking at the returns by the Board’s new method of using the scanners’ “flash drives” to send results in an attempt to speed up preliminary unofficial machine returns (which in some districts turned out to be slower than using the old manual transmission by the N.Y.P.D.). Here for your edification are the key Manhattan results. Results are unofficial and subject to the official re-canvass and the addition of affidavit, absentee, and military ballots.

New York County Surrogate:
Rita Mella 26,223 = 60%
Barbara Jaffe 17,671 = 40%

The Chelsea/Clinton/Hell’s Kitchen Civil Court District:
Lisa Sokoloff 2,440 = 55%
Olga Statz 2,031 = 45%

State Senate 27th District:
Brad Holyman 7,187 = 67%
Thomas Greco 2,546 = 24%
Tanika Inlaw 924 = 9%

State Senate 31st District:
Adriano Espaillat 10,623 = 62%
Guillermo Linares 6,562 = 38%

Assembly 72nd District:
Gabriela Rosa 2,945 = 44%
Mayra Linares 2,305 = 34%
Melanie Hidalgo 1,039 = 15.5%
Ruben Dario Vargas 435 = 6.5%

State Committee (Male) 67th A.D.:
Vincent Alfonso 2,344 = 58%
Arthur Greig 1,696 = 42%


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