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The Flacks Report [24 March 2009]

The Stackhouse Vacancy

In a previous Flacks Report, I mentioned that Laura Drager's Criminal Court seat was from Queens. N.Y.C. Criminal Court seats are City-wide and not from districts as in the Civil Court. Culpa Mea.

Many make the assumption that the Governor is restricted to picking candidates in filling a vacancy who have already come out of our Party's screening panel. The Governor has no restriction, and the "Crane Rule" would apply to any candidate whether he/she came out of the panel previously or not provided one is appointed and confirmed before June 1st.
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It Was a Great Day for the Irish
On the brisk, cool, and sunny St. Patrick's day, your correspondent headed for the 5th Ave. & 64th Str. reviewing stand to sit and to watch the entire parade after supping on a cholesterol-laden McManus/Maloney break-the-fast at T.G.I.F. in mid-town, where there was a noticible absence of Upper West Side pols and the police and firefighters bellied up to the bar, Boys.
Musical units, mostly pipers, alternated with organizations' members marching along. The best units, which kept to the line, were the Catholic high school and military bands (the best: U.S.M.C.--very regimental). Everyone loves bagpipers but the plethora of pipes, fifes, and drums was a surfeit of sound for the year! And the strains of Gary Owen and the Marine Corps hymn were the most oft heard. And, oh, those Hiberians . . . Espied: N.Y.C. Board of Elections counsel Steven Howard Richman marching with the City Council contingent.
It was a great day for the Irish.
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New P.J. for the 1st Dept.
Justice Luis Gonzalez was named by Gov. Paterson as the new Presiding Justice of the Appellate Division's First Department. Link to this to see his C.V.:


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