Friday, October 14, 2011

Random Items [14 October 2011]

The Week Downtown: Soumas, Wall St. Bull, MTA Stone Str. Service Center---Brief Judicial Convention Report---Cleaning Postponed


Notably absent from this week's Board of Elections Commissioners' meeting: Manhattan Democrat and Board secretary Gregory Soumas. He also stayed away from last week's executive session although he was at the Board H.Q. Is he on his way out? Paste into browser if this doesn't open:
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Wall Street Bull

The large sculpture of a bull symbolizing Wall Street was placed under heavy police guard. The island it is on at the north end of Bowling Green has been barricaded (causing tourists to stand in moving traffic lanes). Twelve N.Y.P.D. officers and a supervisor have been assigned "24/7" to protect it against--against?

MTA Stone Street Service Center

The M.T.A. N.Y.C. Transit Authority sole City service center (for maps, damaged cards, reduced fare cards etc.) on Stone Str. right around the corner from the T.A. H.Q. at 2 B'way in lower Manhattan has been caught closing early. It is open until 5 P.M. on weekdays, but they exclude the public they serve 15-20 minutes early every day "to close down our computers." Wrong and highly improper. M.T.A. Director Andrew Albert promised to call the T.A. Prez to task.

Brief Judicial Convention Report

A QUICK OVER-VIEW OF THE 2011 JUDICIAL CONVENTION: The 2011 First Judicial District (Manh.) State Supreme Court judicial nominating convention was held Sept. 21st. There were five vacancies to be filled: three “open” seats and two held by incumbents who were seeking re-election and were not opposed. The incumbents are Laura Visitacion-Lewis and Joan Madden. A screening panel, used since 1977, found the following nine applicants--in no particular order--as the most highly qualified of those who applied: Arthur Engoron, Barbara Jaffe, Rita Mella, Peter Moulton, Ruth Pickholtz, George Silver, Anil Singh, Shlomo Hagler, and Analisa Torres. Additionally, there were four carry-over candidates created by a recent Party rule change (called “2/4”; that is, reported as most highly qualified by two prior panels in the last four consecutive years). They are: Saliann Scarpulla, Deborah Kaplan, Ellen Gesmer, and Manny Mendez.

At the convention, there was a "dog-and-pony" show. All candidates were nominated, received nominating and seconding speeches, spoke and then withdrew from consideration except for those candidates who garnered enough delegate votes after a pre-convention week of furious "speed-dating" of politicking, calls, and receptions. (At a future date, ample explanation of this and of the maneuvering, machinations, predictions, palavering, and a cast of characters to be provided.)

The eventual nominees in addition to the incumbents Joan Madden and Laura Visitacion-Lewis are: Analisa Torres, Deborah Kaplan, and Ellen Gesmer. These five shall be on your November 8th General election ballot for the Democratic Party.

[Your correspondent has not been able to send out his Report or events of late because of hand and nerve problems, typewriting with one finger at 5 w.p.m.(!). No announcement was made, but as many of you have seen him at recent meetings wearing a sling and have been asking, suffice it to say: carpal tunnel median nerve release and cubital tunnel ulnar nerve release. WebMD anyone?]

Cleaning Postponed

Suzanne Jacobson and Alan Flacks were going to cab over to the Eastside this morning to clean Mayor Mike's E. 79th Str. townhouse's second floor, but it has been postponed.

Now is the winter of our fiscal discontent
made glorious summer by this sun of Mario.


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